City Manager

Richard Johnson


Mr. Richard Johnson has been Mulberry’s City Manager since October of 2012. He formerly served in the United States Army for three years in military intelligence. Rick also retired as a Lieutenant after a 20 year career in the Connecticut Department of Corrections. Rick has an Associates Degree in Public Administration from Polk State College, a Bachelor’s Degree in Social Science from the University of South Florida, and a Master’s Degree in Non Profit Management from the University of Central Florida. Rick was also a 4 term Commissioner for the city of Dundee, Florida.

Mr. Johnson is a member of the International City/County Management Association (ICMA) and the Florida City/County Management Association (FCCMA). He currently sits on the Board of Directors for the Mulberry Chamber of Commerce, the Mulberry Friends of the Library, and the Mulberry Museum Board of Directors.

The primary responsibility of the local government manager is to implement the policies of the elected officials for whom they work.  In council-manager government, the manager assumes responsibility for preparing the annual budget, hiring and firing personnel, and directing day-to-day operations. In addition to supervising the local government’s daily operations, managers work with elected officials and citizens to plan for the future of the community to define and carry out the vision of the community by setting goals and establishing strategies for reaching these goals.

The City of Mulberry is proud and privileged to have a City Manager such as Rick making the City of Mulberry well-positioned for the future. As we develop the path of Mulberry’s future; we celebrate its past and embrace the present.

The City administration is guided by the concept of stewardship and understands that the decisions today will have a lasting impact on tomorrow. Each decision that impacts the community must be carefully considered and our staff is working diligently to provide residents and future generations an outstanding quality of life.

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