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Below are the Top Code Violations:

The growth of grass, weeds, or vegetation, which are not cultivated or landscaped or regularly tended which exceeds a length of 12 inches. It shall be the duty of the owner of each lot, tract, or parcel of land within the city to reasonably regulate and effectively control excessive growth of vegetation, and accumulation of weeds on their property and on the portion of the adjoining public right-of-way between the property and the street.

It shall be unlawful for any person to make any loud and raucous noise to the disturbance of the peace. Any person to whom a permit has been issued under section 14-3 who causes or permits loud and raucous noises shall subject the permit to immediate revocation.

No recreational equipment shall be parked or stored on any lot in a residential district within a required front yard; provided, that such equipment may be parked anywhere on residential premises for not to exceed 48 hours during loading or unloading.

The purpose of this chapter is to establish minimum standards for an orderly system of signs and improve the quality of sign regulation in the city in a manner that contributes to the economic well-being, visual appearance, and overall quality of life in the city.

It is the purpose and intent of the City Commission of Mulberry, Florida, to a establish a program of regulation of unsafe buildings to protect the public from injuries and property damage which the commission finds can occur due to lack of maintenance of buildings, by storm-blown debris, entry into the premises by children and others. It is the purpose and intent of the commission to eliminate the blighting influences caused by such buildings, and the detracting effect such unsafe and deteriorating buildings have on the property value of others, and to the character of the city in general. It is the purpose and intent of the city to incorporate the most recent version of the Standard Unsafe Building Abatement Code, and implement the provisions therein, except for certain administrative modifications provided herein.

No person shall own or keep within the city any dog which, by continued or habitual barking, howling, or in any other manner, disturbs the quiet of any citizen of ordinary reasonable sensibility, after receiving written notice from the persons so annoyed or disturbed.

Permanent and proper numbers or address letters shall be displayed on all commercial and residential building. Such numbers or letters shall be visible and legible from the street. Numbers or letters must not be less than three inches high and in contrasting color of the building background. Where the principal entrance of the building is clearly visible from the street, numbers or letters must be posted on the building over or near the principal entrance so as to be legible from the street.

All garbage collection customers shall keep garbage in approved garbage cans, adjacent to or behind their house or building at all times except days of scheduled garbage collection. On scheduled garbage collection days, customers shall place garbage cans near the city street to permit safe and speedy handling and removal by garbage collection crews. After collection, all empty garbage cans shall, within 24 hours of pick-up, be removed from the pick-up location near the city street and returned to a location adjacent to or behind the customers' house or building where they shall remain until the next scheduled collection date.

No person, firm or corporation shall maintain open storage of junk vehicles in the city. The term "junk vehicle" shall be construed to include any automobile, truck, or bus, which is inoperative by damage, deterioration or lack of operating parts, or has no current valid registration.

Requires that any person, firm, corporation, or governmental entity obtain a permit from the appropriate authority when construction, erecting, altering, modifying, repairing, or demolishing a building. The Legislature wanted it to be very clear where permits, inspections and code compliance are necessary. A building permit is required for any person or business to construct, alter, repair, or demolish any building or structure. Except in certain circumstances, a building permit must be obtained by a licensed contractor. In some instances, a home owner can secure a building permit as an owner-builder

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