Did You Know?

There are so many different things to know about our wonderful City of Mulberry, FL!
Below are some details you may not have known.

You can get text alerts sent right to your phone! Text MULBERRY to 51660

The Mulberry Community Service Center offers: Financial Planning classes, Bill Pay assistance, and basic needs for free! 

If you live in City limits, you can arrange free bulk trash pick-up! (Excluding building materials, ie: doors, window frames, etc.) Call (863) 425-1125 today! 

The Mulberry Cultural Center offers paint-along nights! 

We have several rental facilities available in the City limits! 

We have an e-newsletter sent out once a month! 

The Mulberry Public Library has 5 book clubs!

The Mulberry Public Library has digital, and audio books for free!

You can learn more about Central Florida Health Care by clicking here!

You can learn more about Water Conservation by clicking here!

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